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IMO Details:

Koons Powersports LLC : DBA Cutler Gear

Cutler Gear has rolled out this membership plan / buyers club.

Example> The exhaust system you want for your bike is 795.00 everywhere online, Buyers Club member consults with Cutler Gear for price and availability. Dealer cost on exhaust is $525.00 and you live 300 miles away, so you order and pay with credit card. $525.00 plus $52.50 (10%) and $34.50 shipping UPS ground with signature and insurance. Total cost to you $612.00, savings $183.00. Each item has different mark-ups, but this is the procedure.

Initial Membership Offering (IMO)



This IMO is available from 10/16/2017 until 5/15/2018 unless or until it is replaced or rescinded.

The IMO consists of one membership to belong to a group of initial members who will receive discount prices on motorcycle and powersports parts and accessories. The membership expires if and when the offer can no longer continue due to the death of the member or the closure of Cutler Gear.

IMO members have no restrictions against purchasing for friends or relatives but may not engage in redistribution of parts. Redistribution consists of engaging in the act of reselling or advertising to sell. Purchase of the IMO is consent to this agreement.

IMO members must pay any and all shipping charges at cost. IMO members may use cash, debit or credit cards. IMO members are not entitled to refunds.

Cash Price is 5% over invoice

Debit / Credit Price is 10% over invoice

Parts must be paid for at time of ordering and shipping will be paid when parts are picked up.

IMO members agree to not dispute Debit or Credit Card charges to circumvent the no return policy.

Warranties are not given by Cutler Gear. Warranties may be available from manufacturers.

IMO members will always receive the best discount over non IMO members.

Initial Membership Offering (IMO) Price:

Cash: $20.00

Debit / Credit : $25.00

PayPal is perfect for this transaction.

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